Guidance for mainframe System Administration course

Guidance for mainframe System Administration course

Postby zaheer8085 » Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:19 pm

Hi Everyone,
my name is Zaheer and i would like to do IBM Mainframes System Administration Programme in Maples ESM , Chennai. The course curriculum includes the following topics..............

MVS Overview
> JCL - Job Entry Subsystems
> Parameters and coding rules - Introduction
> JCL procedures
> Utilities
> Advanced jcls
> Access method services
> VSAM concepts
> VSAM Internal Organisation
> VSAM Internal Management
> Generation Data Groups

> Introduction to MVS Fundamentals
> MVS software and hardware
> Resource Access Control Facility(RACF)
> Sytem Management facility(SMF)
> Virtual Lookaside Facility (VLF)
> Role of System Programmer
> Omvs System Services
> Other subsystems of MVS

3) MVS operations

> IPL-Load/shut down
> Monitaring console messages
> Spool Maintenance - Job Status display, purge, cancel
> Catalog Maintenance MCAT,UCAT,Alias creation
> coustomization and administration of PARMLID and PROCLIB members
> lOGREC - initialising, BACKUP, printing, Clearing

4) Management and Adminstration

> Storage management
> Tape initialization
> Backup/ restore- daily backup, weekly backup, system backup. volume backup(logical and physical)
> General Dataset maintenance- deleting log datasets, deleting old datasets, moving datasets between volumes
> DASD maintenance- defrag, compress, free
> TSO user creation, group creatin, tailoring logon procedures, limiting system resource access
> Profile creation
> Granting TSO authorisation . p/w reset, revoke, resume
> Defining additional segments - OMVS
> Product installation SMP/E
> TCP/IP customization
> UTAM customization

5) DB2 UDB for OS/390 and MVS administration

> DB2 Overview
> DB2 objects
> system objects
> data objects
> DB2 , DSN commands
> DB2 utilities
> Privileges
> Grant and Revoke Privilages
> Program preparation/ bind
> Program Preparation
> pre compilation
> Bind package and plan
> Data Concurrency
> DB2 and other Environment

6) CICS administratin

> Introduction to CICS
> DB DC Control systems
> CICS region setup
> CICS components
> Basic concepts of CICS
> Defining Transaction ( file, map , program, DB2 ENTRY)
> CEMT( master terminal transaction)
> CECI- CICS extended command interface
> CEDF- CICS execution diagnostic facility
> CEBR- CICS extend browsing
> Logging and backup/ recovery
> journals CICS LOG
> queue management/ file management
> CICS security
> Performance tuning

By reading all this course details, please seniors, whether the course is good or not. They are demanding 2LACS as fee, which is a huge amount. I dont know about the System administration job work also. I wish to know
1)how the future will be for System administrator ?
2)Is there any scope for the growth in future ???
3)If we compare Mainframes application programming and Mainframes system Administration, Which is a better option interms of Growth in salary, hikes ???

excuse me for this questions but i put the things on paper which are in my thoughts troubling me...........
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Re: Guidance for mainframe System Administration course


Re: Need For the Guidance of Seniors

Postby Bill Dennis » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:20 pm

I should have posted in this "Guidance" forum! Here it is again so the other post can be removed.

Many have predicted the demise of Mainframes although they remain strong for large enterprises. Due to the predictions, very few stusents have trained to replace the aging Mainframe Administrator workforce. Many of them will retire in the next 5 - 10 years. Jobs may be concentrated in the larger cities or outsourced to "managed services" companies. Also, many mainframes are now running Linux and Java workloads in addition to traditional MVS.

This said, nothing is certain about the future. Do what you feel is best. My 2 cents worth.

Bill Dennis

Disclaimer: My comments on this forum are my own and do not represent the opinions or suggestions of any other person or business entity.
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Re: Need For the Guidance of Seniors

Postby classicvenkat » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:38 am

Hey 2 lacs .. Its over .. For us only 45K ... Admin is GUd boss ... But cost Very high ... R u looking for Warranty ...?
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Re: Need For the Guidance of Seniors

Postby dick scherrer » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:46 am

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Hey 2 lacs
Its over
What is over?
For us only 45K
Admin is GUd boss
Of what?
But cost Very high
Compared to what?
R u looking for Warranty ...?
I don't know either.

If you want to share some information or ask a question, you need to post properly. This is not some kiddie text/chat room. Do also keep in mind that English is not the primary language for most people here and using incomplete thoughts and slang causes confusion that is counter-productive.

Thank you,
Hope this helps,
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