Mainframe system admin course

Mainframe system admin course

Postby sivasece » Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:27 pm

hi iam siva be ece student i want to know the detail about main frame system admin course,i plan to do it but my problem is color blindness ,i have problem called color blindness which cant be curable ,were i cant identify colors specially red ,green and yellow particularly,can i take this course and do well ,since i have this problem i confused and upset lot,can any body help me out to come from this situation ,can i take this course or go for application side ,since iam 2008 batch ,all are saying application not good for Ur carrier ,take admin is this problem a big issue in admin side ya, pl any body help me out ,i want Ur help as soon as possible to shape my carrier in main frame or any other domain
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Re: Mainframe system admin course


Re: need ur help

Postby Akatsukami » Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:55 pm

First of all, you should endeavor to improve your English; proficiency in it is just as important to a career in mainframe computing as is proficiency in COBOL, Rexx, or SQL.

Now, I do not know the details of the sysadmin course that you are contemplating taking, but I cannot imagine that your color-blindness would be an insurmountable obstacle. The programming world is full of handicapped people, who contribute immensely -- I have a partially-paralyzed arm and leg, in addition to other disabilities. Indeed, I would venture to say that the only disability that does represent an insuperable barrier to an IT career is a refusal to use one's brain to learn and think, rather than for rote memorization of "facts" that are often incorrect.

I do not necessarily question going into systems administration, but I wil note that there is a future, and a very good one, in application programming. Too, you must realize that being a systems administrator -- actually being one, not just having the title -- is a very difficult job. Look at the number of posts on these and other similar help fora that end with "You need to ask your site support people for this information"...and realize that, as a mainframe sysadmin, you will be one of those site support people.
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Re: need ur help

Postby BChat » Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:32 am

Hi sivasece,

What is the content of a system-admin course?

From my experience, I doubt if you can have a course to make you a system-admin. And I don't believe these courses really help you in getting a job (specially in m/f). But, it's only my believe, I cannot prove it. For a fresher to IT, all that is asked in an interview is basically 'do you have common sense & are you willing to apply it ?'.

Coming to your point of color blindness. I don't see any issue. Only that you many not fully use the HILITE option (kidding). But most companies have medical checks before recruitment, so not sure if that is a screening criteria there.

I would suggest, go for some interviews & assess your own eligibility. IT is one great field where you start it all fresh at the interview. None of your previous qualifications matter. And it is absolutely you who determines how much you shine. Your color blindness will not be a problem there.

Best of luck


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Re: need ur help

Postby dick scherrer » Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:37 am


If you are going to work on a mainframe terminal emulator running on a pc, you can customize the colors to be ones that work well for you.

Suggest you talk with some graduates of the training you are contemplating. You might also talk with some potential employers about the training organization.

As Akatsukami mentioned, having really good English skill is important.

Good luck :)
Hope this helps,
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