Listing Obsolete jobs using REXX code

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Listing Obsolete jobs using REXX code

Postby shankar_dh » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:51 pm

Hi All,

Below is my requirement. Please let me know if anybody has any idea or TOOL to acheive.

In our application we have around 1000+ jobs. Out of them some jobs are being not used since many years and now business wants to obsolete them. We can get the
list of jobs which are not being used since 3 years in the CA-7 scheduler by LAST RUn date. Now I got around 300+ jobs which have not executed since 3 years.Now
I need to find out the list of programs/Procs/RMDS IDs used in those jobs because need to obsolete all the components in the jobs.In the mean while I also should
make sure that, all the components (like programs/procs) in the 300+ jobs are not being used by other 700+ active jobs.

So I need to prepare a spread sheet with list of job names/procs used in the jobs/programs

Please let me know if any body has any idea or TOOL to take care of my above requirements. Highly appreciate your help which would save my lot of time and avoids
lot of manual work.
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Re: Listing Obsolete jobs using REXX code


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