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Postby fialka » Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:25 am

Could you please explain how the ENF relates to the CCI ? We use a CCI interface to get info from the CA7 database . Does ENF help to get this information ? Is it important for the CCI how the ENF database is defined (I am talking about ENFPARM) ? What is the meaning of the ENF "event" ? How the ENF uses it's database ? What kind of data is stored their ?
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Re: ENF and CCI


Re: ENF and CCI

Postby ca706410 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:56 am

CAICCI is brought in your system once ENF is installed I mean that CAICCI is a sub component of ENF.

CAICCI can be activated in your system once the proper Data Control Modules (DCM) are installed in your ENF database (One for ENF and another one for CAICCI) using the CAS9DB program .

CAICCI is automatically started in local mode when a SYSID() statement is detected in the ENFPARM during the ENF startup.

The SYSID statement is used to assign a CAICCI Node name to your local machine/partition ie: SYSID(XE18) a common practice is to use the SMFID of the local system .

Two additional ENF subtasks can be automatically spawned if PROTOCOL statements are detected in your ENFPARM that are:

1) Started Task is CCITCPGW is spawned if PROTOCOL(TCPIPGW) is detected and/or
2) Started Task CCITCP is spawned if PROTOCOL(TCPIP) is detected

TCPIPGW is the HOST to HOST protocol
TCPIP is the PC to Host protocol

Hope this slightly clarifies .
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