WORK-DB over-access

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WORK-DB over-access

Postby eun jeong Song » Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:54 pm

Hi, this is EJ from South Korea.

I had an urgent issue regarding to WORKING-DB Access today. What happened is that a daily batch job in which i'm charge was reported
/estimated to cause an abnormal processing of other batch applications due to its over-accessing to WORKING-DB. I found its sqlcode
-501, which was told that it had been attributed other applications' abnormal&critical err-processing to the over-accessing[-904/-501]
to WORK-DB of my batch job, which had have turned out a failure of extention trials to other work-db volumes.

I am really wondering what Accessing/Occupying of Work-DBs has something to do with -501 / -904. I have no idea why a batch-job
has been using Work-DB volmues in the process of the declarartion of a cursor. Is for a kind of Buffers? What is real concept for work-db?

Moreover, as mentioned above, how can the mainframe system produce the return-code 0 in spite of the abnormal batch job[-904/-501]?

For the last thing, without WORKING-DB what would happen/affect to applications/batch-jobs using cursor declaration? Our team is working
under the vesion of 9.* more.
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Re: WORK-DB over-access


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