problem with output file

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Re: problem with output file

Postby Dashimir » Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:45 pm

I changed the input file order and pretended nothing hapened =D. But i wanted to lern why that was happening :(.

I coudnt send the entire files here cause it got like this

G0630003000015814    20120220201202201044135013000000221144 98117000339350001    000000000990000000000000563000000096123456789123456700     1         
G0630003000015814    20120220201202201043192003000000005981 98117000339410001    000000000990000000000000564000000096123456789123456700     1         
G0630003000015814    20120310201203101044157013000000448688 98117000339490001    000000000990000000000000565000000096123456789123456700     1         

those were 3 lines.. how do i post it right ? and the cobol code is there a better way to post the entire code ?
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Re: Re: problem with output file



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