Help in Soring Datasets

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Help in Soring Datasets

Postby cai_0715 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:27 pm

Hi. Im new here. Hope someone could help me.

I want to create a JCL, that would delete duplicates. However, there are 2 conditions:

First validation would be, checking of duplicates for column 6 - 9.

Second, if column 6 - 9 is a duplicate, it would check if column 1 - 4 is greater than its duplicate line. If column 1 - 4 is lower, then it would be the line that would be deleted. Im new to JCL, so please bear with my explanation.


Input would consist of




*line 2 would be deleted, since its column 6 - 9 has a duplicate of line 1 Also, its column 1 - 4 has a lower value (1111) compared to the column 1 - 4 (1112) of line 1.

Please, I would really appreciate any feedbacks. Thank you.
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Re: Help in Soring Datasets


Re: Help in Soring Datasets

Postby NicC » Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:08 pm

First - JCL cannot do what you want. JCL is an 'interface' between your program and the operating system. It lets the operating system know what resources, files etc, your program needs.

I guess what you are looking for are the sort control cards for a sort solution to your problem in which case this should be posted in one of the sort sections. DO NOT REPOST - someone will move it to the correct place for you but you need to supply the sort product you are using - DFSORT, SYNCSORT, something else.
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