Looking to consolidate these tools

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Looking to consolidate these tools

Postby bnbhp0 » Wed May 28, 2014 3:38 pm

Hi All,

In one of my customer place, they are looking to consolidate tools that has been used for Managing mainframe env. Is there any way that we can consolidate these tools in few tools. Im okay if another vendor who provides these functionalists in one or two tools.

CA-1 Tape Management
CA-11 Job Restart management
CA-7 Job Scheduling
CA-90s CA Common Services
CA-DADS/Plus CICS File allocation / deallocation
CA-Datacom AD CA Database for CA software
CA-Datacom DB & associated components CA Database
CA-Dispatch Report Distribution
CA-Endevor Source Management
CA-Endevor for DB2 Source Management for DB2
CA-JARS Job Accounting Reporting
CA-JCLCHECK Advanced JCL validation software
CA-OPS/MVS Automation
CA-PDSMAN PDS dynamic management
CA-Top Secret Security
CA-Top Secret for DB2 Security
CA-Vantage Disk and file monitoring
CA-View Online report viewing

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Re: Looking to consolidate these tools


Re: Looking to consolidate these tools

Postby enrico-sorichetti » Wed May 28, 2014 4:03 pm

the products in the list You provided deal with so many aspects of operations
that it will be impossible to consolidate

at most You might find a company which sell a infrastructure package
and You will have to buy all the functions needed for each task

but then You already have that with CA
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Re: Looking to consolidate these tools

Postby Ed Goodman » Wed May 28, 2014 9:14 pm

Start by writing down which aspect[s] of each tool that you actually use. Then start back at the top and find alternatives for all of those functions, not the tools themselves.

Then see how different the alternatives are from the current products. Your biggest pushback will be from the end-uses who have spent years getting used to the CA products.

However, make CERTAIN that management understands there will be changeover costs, like updating batch jobs to use an IBM product instead of the CA product, or changing the workflow of processes to match the new products.

Is your company just trying to save costs?
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