Generate list of FTPd datasets

Generate list of FTPd datasets

Postby Aki88 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:25 pm


z/OS Communication Server is not one of my best suits; also I felt a little dumb for not being able to figure out a way of doing this.

I am trying to create a report/extract of FTP transfer data, for all transmissions that have taken place in a business-day, which would contain the below information:
a. Mainframe dataset name
b. Lan path and file name
c. Date, time of transfer
d. Number of records transferred (or bytes transferred - whichever is available more easily, can do the trimming later)

Information I already have:
a. Process used for file transfer -> FTP

b.SMF type - 118/119 records are being logged
c. Completed JCLs that have executed FTP to transafer datasets on any given day (pulling out data from spool of already executed jobs - this is the last approach that I am looking at; as there can be thousands, maybe many more jobs, that have executed in a day)

What I do not know/restrictions:
a. FTP log dataset name (FTPD instance reflects 'NO DISPLAYABLE DATA' in spool; on backtracking it, found that it was started and is connected to the TCPIP instance; have access restrictions for system PDS hence unable to prod further into the JCL to figure out the DD statements)
b. SMF dataset is sysprog restricted, hence a dump from it relatively difficult.

Any pointers to what is the general IBM recommended FTP log dataset naming convention, or, an alternate method to achieve what I am looking for, or, the manual that can help me with this (I somehow seem to have missed a para while reading the fine books) - would be really really helpful.

Thank you.
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Re: Generate list of FTPd datasets


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