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Channel received as spaces

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:45 am
by pranav283
Hi All,
The situation is as follows:

PGM1: CICS-DB2 program defined in CICS region CICSREG1.
PGM2: CICS-DB2 program defined locally in CICS region CICSREG2 and remotely in CICSREG1.

When PGM1 LINKs to PGM2, then PGM2 receives channel name as spaces.

When we debugged PGM1 we saw that the channel identifier does contain the channel name just before making a call to PGM2.
Also, we even suspected that the SYNCONRETURN over the EXEC LINK statement could be problematic with a calculated assumption that it could be restricting passing the resources (here channel) to the called program until the former commits. But even after removing SYNCONRETURN, the channel received by PGMB is still spaces.

Can anybody help please?