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GRSRNL (Reserve/ENQ) issue

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:25 pm
by toshigun
We are a Bank in Israel and we have run into a problem that requires us to check with the community regarding ENQ conversions
We are running in GRS RING mode and we don't convert from resreve to enq the following QNAMES(SYSVTOC+SYSZVVDS+SYSIGGV2)
We expirience a problem with CRP in server mode that an error occured regarding the creation of ENQ (and it's true since we don't convert SYSIGGV2)
A few years ago it was a good practive to use reserves in GRS RING mode (for those 3 options)
Is it still the case, since i didn't find new evidance to support this conversion online
Artem Trifonov