USER 4083 return code 05 in xpediter

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USER 4083 return code 05 in xpediter

Postby LINDACONNER45 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:12 pm

I am trying to test 1 program in a very big load module which is a link of many programs. The whole thing is apparently abending right before it gives control to program LOLINK. Program LOLINK is the entry point of the big link. It is LOLINK code that shows on my screen when I get the abend.
Assume the problem is in the setup, or in link JCL maybe. I just started work at this company and I was set up for XPEDITER FOR IMS by someone else who had JUST done it --- there are many many screens to do this, it'd be nice to know which was the problem, if it was one of them. As for the link - I used JCL built by a CLIST they have here that everyone uses.

I get the screen shown below.

I am expediting the BIG LINK name by the way - I don't get a screen where I can enter BEFORE or INT or SOURCE to get my program.

At one point I got some message (I think it was mixed in the profile stuff that always displays) about "not enough storage" - this is a big module, COULD that cause 4083/05? If so how does one give XPD more storage?

I know 05 just pretty much means you died before anything application-related had happened.

I did notice that the profile my XPD-instructor had me copy (his) lists a bunch of programs and says they are all CBL which I assume means COBOL - but I am sure some of t hem are assembler. Mine is, for instance

Any ideas?
oops - evidently I can't copy the screen in here - it really doesn't give anything helpful anyway. By the way this is IMS application, no DB2. I have used XPEDITER in MANY shops and it is always a problem at the beginning.
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Re: USER 4083 return code 05 in xpediter


Re: USER 4083 return code 05 in xpediter

Postby BillyBoyo » Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:11 am

You have stumbled upon "A Help & Support Forum for Mainframe Beginners and Students". There is a sister site, You do have to register there, but more people will see your question.

If you are bug-hunting, perhaps you could consider "stubbing" it. A small program to pass the normal linkage to your module, then you can change the data for whatever conditions you need. Depends how integral you module is, I suppose.

To use the big load module, I guess you do have to ask colleagues working on the same system, as they may have come across the same problem, or have different set-ups that work with your version of the big load module. Else, if it is storage, find the correct route to the systems guys and see if they can do anything. If people on that system are relying on xpediter and it is just about to run out of memory to work, then something will have to be done.
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Re: USER 4083 return code 05 in xpediter

Postby dick scherrer » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:53 pm

Hello and welcome to the forum,

oops - evidently I can't copy the screen in here
The best way to show a screen on this forum is to select/copy the screen content and paste this into the Reply panel. Then highlight the screen data in the Reply and click the Code tag (in the line between the Subject and the reply text. Do not try to adjust the alignment of the data seen at this point).Then click Preview to see your post as it will appear to the forum.

The Code tag should be used for anything that needs a fixed font (Code, Screens, JCL, Data, etc).

As far as which forum to use - depends on how experienced you believe you are. This forum is meant for students and other beginners. The other forum is for "experts" though many are not. . . The people providing help are largely the same on both forums. . .

Is this batch Xpediter or is this in CICS? Or?
Hope this helps,
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