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Sort Capacity Exceeded.....heavy sigh

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:30 am
by BLJ
I am trying to find the right fit for sorting large files and the sort Options. I'm running 64-bit architecture with 8GB of memory. I know the change to 64-bt changed many of the ways sort (and other tasks) use memory since it is now all central storage (no more expanded). I've tried a variety of tweaks based on the DFSORT 1.5 Tuning Manual, info APARs, DB2 tuning references (one DB2 sort ate all the aux. storage - the sortworks accidentally went to VIO) and can't seem to find a good fit. I also have the problem of what else is running on the system with regard to memory allocations: I can run a sort on a quiet system but not when it is busy. This leads me to think the sort options are requesting too many resources but adjusting down doesn't work either. I'm simply trying to figure out the type of options that will work for the majority of Sorts performed. There are a lot more 'capacity exeeced' issues now that 64-bit is around and DB2 V8 utilities are munching I'm very confused about the variety of recommendations in the documentation for DFSORT and other products, e.g., DB2 that invoke DFSORT. Is there somewhere to find ROT without other product bias? Or understandable calculations to apply?
Thanks in advance. :roll:

Re: Sort Capacity Exceeded.....heavy sigh

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 8:46 pm
by Frank Yaeger
The answer is specific to your environment and can't really be answered in a "general" way. I'd suggest you open a PMR ("problem report") with IBM service so they can help you by collecting the needed information about your environment and doing an appropriate analysis.