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z/OSMF Help Needed

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:15 pm
by tchen40

Our site is finally implementing z/OSMF. I have the IZUSVR1 server and the IZUANG1 angel process running. Most of the add-ons do work except for one last nagging problem. When I attempt to go into Configuration Assistant; manage z/OS Cloud configuration; Work with cloud domain 'default'; I am getting a message 'Display XCF' command failed. Check that z/OS Communications Server EZBZCMCS load module is installed and properly configured.

I know that TCPIP.SEZALOAD is in the link list so that's not the issue. IBM level 2 support is pointing me towards security definitions and it looks fine to me and my security admin. We run Top Secret and we did go through CA Docs that helped in translating the RACF requirements to TS. Has anybody here run into a similar situation and resolved it?

Re: z/OSMF Help Needed

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:07 pm
by tchen40
It seems that /bin needs an external link to TCPIP.SEZALOAD(EZBZCMCS). That fixed the issue.

Re: z/OSMF Help Needed

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:03 pm
by Peter_Mann
just getting back to this subject, I know this is a little old but I attempted to create a symlink to TCPIP.SEZALOAD(EZBZCMCS) - the link was created sucessfully but when attempting to browse the file
An external symbolic link was found but is not supported.

Action: Do not specify the name of an external symbolic link.
I'm confused, did I define the link incorrectly?
Pathname : /MVSRS2/bin/ezbzcmcs
External link . . : 1
File size . . . . : 24
File owner . . . . : xxxxxxxx(0)
Group owner . . . : OMVSGRP(1)
Last modified . . : 2020-01-06 10:28:36
Last changed . . . : 2020-01-06 10:28:36
Last accessed . . : 2020-01-06 10:28:36
Created . . . . . : 2020-01-06 10:28:36
Link count . . . . : 1
Device number . . : 307
Inode number . . . : 9249
Seclabel . . . . . :
Symbolic link contents:


Re: z/OSMF Help Needed

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:19 pm
by tchen40
Hi Peter,

I don't think you can browse it from OMVS. I got this from my ls command:

/bin> ls -la ezbz*
erwxrwxrwx 1 A051825 AOPOPER 8 Oct 9 14:36 ezbzcmcs -> EZBZCMCS

That is what it should look like. I think the command to create the link was "ln -e EZBZCMCS ezbzcmcs" when you are in the /bin directory. That'll force it to look outside of OMVS into the linklist for it.

here's the doc: ... /hlnkb.htm

Re: z/OSMF Help Needed

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:26 pm
by Peter_Mann
ok, thanks from my serverpac root, it looks correct, but browse get invalid - file not found, thanks for the sanity check and the link !