ABEND AID File Structure / Space / Compression

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ABEND AID File Structure / Space / Compression

Postby freelar » Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:04 pm

I don't understand how an unformatted Abend Aid file is processed as programs are added and readded to the file. From what I've gathered so far images are kept as programs are readded.
DASD management added 800 cylinders to a 2500 cylinder file, we moved 1600 programs into production and halfway through the move of the programs the Abend aid file hit 100% again.
Where could I look on how the file/s work and any utilities that could compress or clean the file up.

Thank you Rickey
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Re: ABEND AID File Structure / Space / Compression

Postby Robert Sample » Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:57 pm

If you are an application developer, it is NOT your responsibility to maintain the source files used by Abend Aid. Whoever in your site support group is responsible for Compuware products should be doing the maintenance. Doing maintenance without authorization could lead to negative consequences, up to and including your termination, for violating site policies (among other things).

The high-level view is this: Compuware's software works with either a precompile or post-compile assembler listing of the program. This data is stored in a source listing file, which is a pre-formatted file Compuware designed to hold program listings. The latest listing is considered the current copy and is locked (cannot be deleted without special processing). Once a listing is replaced in the file, the old listing is unlocked and eligible to be deleted should the software need the space in the file. There is a utility in the Compuware Share Services sample library that will list the source file, giving the number of programs in the file and their status (locked or unlocked). If you're having trouble getting listings into a file, have your site support group set up one (or more) additonal source listing files -- there's no limit that I'm aware of as to how many of them you can have.
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Re: ABEND AID File Structure / Space / Compression

Postby Ed Goodman » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:31 pm

Are you running out of disk space, or directory blocks?
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