On a team working on a new project for removing pain points

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On a team working on a new project for removing pain points

Postby zCMHII » Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:10 pm

Hi all,

Full disclosure, this is for a work project, but I wanted to reach out to the community here (along with a couple other subreddits and forums) for some feedback.

The long and short of it is that we’re trying to come up with some strategies for improving feedback loops, user workflows, and mitigating any future issues or unplanned work (maybe through various dashboards, IDE extensions, and even documentation). Obviously, internally we can ideate some things, but it would be nice to hear from others on what is currently “missing”. I’m curious to get some responses on the following (we tried our best to reframe the common “pain points” as individual questions):

What are some of the biggest complaints you get?
What are you constantly being blamed for (even if you’re not at fault)?
Are you a Developer, Sys Prog, or Database Administrator or other?
What are you constantly blamed for (justified or not)?
When working, where is most of your time spent?
When working, where do you feel like you waste the most time (i.e. not procrastinating, or goofing off, but rather unplanned work)?

Thanks for any insights, looking forward to reading (no matter how sarcastic)!
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Re: On a team working on a new project for removing pain poi

Postby enrico-sorichetti » Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:16 pm

this forum is a sibling of http://ibmmainframes.com/ and is oriented towards students and beginners
the experienced people answering here are the same answering there
I really doubt that a beginner cold provide useful information on the the items You listed

topic locked
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so that I am sure that the information requested can be reached with a very small effort
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