7040-61R - Intro and question

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7040-61R - Intro and question

Postby donovanbrooke » Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:09 pm


I'm in an intriguing position to acquire what I think is a P670 or P690 eServer mainframe to be put in a local data center (couldn't find the exact number). I say intriguing because I have a small web hosting side to my business and I could acquire this unit for only $500 (to be added to my co-lo data center area... so in other words, I have a place to put it... and if I were to get it working, I'd have a use for it. )

Brief specs:
- 8 X 1.5Ghz proc's
- 48GB RAM
- (2XLPAR)
- 2 X DVD RAM drives
- Quite a few GB NIC's

- No HD's in the Hot Swapable Drive Bay!
- No Power cord.

Anyway, I wanted to bring this situation to you (more knowledgeable) folks to see what you might have to say about it. :-).

It looks to be in good shape other than missing it's power cord and HD's.

My immediate thoughts are that it may be a pain having to deal with learning the OS, purchasing new HD's and a Power Cord just to learn if it works. ;-) However, on the flip side, even if I gut it, I would have a $500 42U rack.. which is pretty cheap (though I guess I would have to buy 23" to 19" adapters).

TIA for your comments.

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Re: 7040-61R - Intro and question

Postby dick scherrer » Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:23 am

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Are there any "site-prep" considerations. Some hardware has heat/himidity requirements. Some does have power requirements.

Have you priced the missing power cord?

Which operating systems does this support - which do you plan to use?

Depending on just how you want to use this, there may be licensing fees to consider.
Hope this helps,
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