Upload files to server using UCOPY

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Upload files to server using UCOPY

Postby smitha reddy » Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:10 pm

I am trying to uplaod multiple mainframe files to a server using the proc P2CUCPY where in the SYSIN member I am using UCOPY command to uplaod the file to the server so that it will be downloaded in the TEXT format in the destination.
For each file I want to upload to the server using UCOPY, I need to use seperate step and uplaod. This is however working fine LIKE
-CMD 'UCOPY > G:\DATA\CDIC\FID\XXXX2011111501240509993100012.TXT' - IN 1 STEP
-CMD 'UCOPY > G:\DATA\CDIC\FID\AAAA2011111501240509993100012.TXT' - IN 2ND STEP

But in 1 step, when I try to UCOPY many files to the server only the last file is getting uplaoded to the server. Please, let me know if it is possible to uplaod many files in 1 step like:
-CMD 'UCOPY > G:\DATA\CDIC\FID\XXXX2011111501240509993100012.TXT'
-CMD 'UCOPY > G:\DATA\CDIC\FID\AAAA2011111501240509993100012.TXT'
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Re: Upload files to server using UCOPY

Postby Robert Sample » Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:27 pm

You most likely have not gotten any responses since your question is total garbage. Your first problem is that procedure P2CUCPY is something ON YOUR SITE. Since we do not work at your site, we have no idea what this PROC is doing, how many steps it has, or anything else about it. Your second problem is that UCOPY is not a standard facility on an IBM mainframe. Since you did not specify any details about it, we do not know if this is a vendor package or something written locally by someone AT YOUR SITE. If the latter, only someone working AT YOUR SITE could possibly know anything about it.

You need to research and find out if this UCOPY is a vendor program or something someone at your site wrote. If it is a vendor program, and your site is licensed for the software, you can acquire the manuals from the vendor, or they may already be available. If it was written by someone at your site, the documentation will be maintained at your site and you need to find it (or the person who wrote the software).

Most sites either use FTP or a vendor package such as CONNECT: DIRECT to transfer files. If your site is using something else, the chances of a reply on a forum go way down.
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