what is "home address" record & record 0?

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Re: what is "home address" record & record 0?

Postby tina64 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:47 pm

u are right, but what we imagine (from what the others say or write) , somehow , depends on our personality and the way we think...
if i had seen such a post that S.O has asked a question and needs its answer ASAP, i would think that maybe he/she is in such an emergency situation...without blaming or judging her/him,i would answer ...
otherwise, instead of helping others, u can just start blaming and judging her/him bcz of s.th that u don't know exactly...and this is what u guys do...which is not proper and reasonable among people who claim to be cultured and educated.
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Re: what is "home address" record & record 0?

Postby BillyBoyo » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:24 pm


I can't remember anyone claiming any particular level of culture or education here. We do what we do. We try to help students and beginners. We spend more time on those showing intiative in some way, and less time on those demanding answers "ASAP" for some reason.

If someone needs an emergency answer, then an internet dicsussion board is a poor choice. You rely on someone reading your post and having the knowledge to respond. Maybe that doesn't happen for a day. Maybe in your wording you put off a person who could answer, simply because they teel you should have done things much better than choosing this location at the last moment.

In this business it is very important to recognise that you have made a mistake. If you blame it on someone else, or on the software, or on the direction of the wind last Thursday, you are making it more difficult to locate the problem.

You made a mistake. You weren't ready with your work. You made another mistake, in looking for quick help on a discussion board.

If you try to ignore those mistakes and instead complain about how people reply, then you will be late again, you will look to the wrong resources again. And you'll probably still blame us.

You can make all the "straw-men" you like, and batter them down one by one, for how you think we should behave, and who you think we are, but it will help you not one jot.

Learn from the two mistakes you have made. An important thing to do is not to repeat mistakes. I have found, and I suspect others have as well, that recognising mistakes and discovering how to avoid similar mistakes, has been a huge benefit to learning about things anyway.

Or you can just blame us. A useful "out" for your career getting nowhere before it is even started.

Don't forget, we all started out sometime. We've seen many, many starters in our times. I suggest you drop this subject and get on with some studying as well. If you can put up with what you've got, you'll probably find good answers here when you get stuck, if you go about asking the question well, and are able to show us you are trying and what your problem is.

Enough from me on this.
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Re: what is "home address" record & record 0?

Postby Robert Sample » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:38 pm

tina64, the standard response on this forum -- and others -- when urgency is stated is to point out that the best way to get "urgent" is to hire a consultant. Since forum responses depend upon volunteers who may not be able to respond quickly, using "urgent" or "ASAP" or similar phrases mostly reduces the pool of potential responders. I'm on U.S. Eastern Time, so by the time I get up and look at this forum, many posts are several hours old. I typically don't respond to an ASAP or urgent post after that many hours, since I figure the urgency is no longer there.

Furthermore, the tone of responses tends to depend -- heavily -- upon the tone of the post. If you demand answers, you're not as likely to get them. If you explain, in detail, what you've done and where you're stuck you usually get back some very good suggestions. Look at it this way: if you don't have the time to compose a polite request for assistance that provides all the necessary details, why do you think responders should take the time to compose polite responses?
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