MOR/TOR Going to same AOR issues

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MOR/TOR Going to same AOR issues

Postby freelar » Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:43 pm

We have a CICS application that works perfectly fine and has for many years going from a TOR region routing to an AOR region. In the TOR are the Tran IDs routing to the AOR where all the Maps, Programs and files are.
Now another group has added an MOR region with an interactive application called Host Bridge that is using our CICS application with this new MOR region routing to the AOR. There have been many issues now where things that happen correctly with the CICS regions doesn't with this Interactive application called Host Bridge even though it's interacting with our old CICS application. Files sometimes not getting completely updated with money values but there is nothing static about how or when it happens, multiple processes happening at the same time that get caught normally with error messages in the CICS application, etc...
The only thing different I've found with the MOR versus the TOR is they copied the Maps to the MOR that are in the AOR due to Host Bridge needing them in the MOR.
If anyone has any clue as to why this might be happening please send along the information as this is causing many many problems now with Host Bridge that the CICS application never has. I know this is alot but thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance,
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