Difference between PICIN and PICOUT

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Re: Difference between PICIN and PICOUT

Postby Robert Sample » Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:25 am

read it using numeric field (as in your example of PICIN and PICOUT).
The PICIN in my example was PIC X(08) specifically to avoid getting an abend upon input. Since the PIC Z,ZZ9.99 is used for output only -- never read as input -- just how do you expect to have an abend occur? The assumption is that numeric data is output in the field. The person using the map may erase the field and key an entirely new value which may not even have a comma. Hence, the PICIN allows for that; by using EXEC CICS BIF DEEDIT or COBOL's NUMVAL function (or other methods), the input data can be converted from PIC X to numeric -- again, as my post stated. But to just blindly state an abend would occur indicates a total lack of knowledge of CICS as well as COBOL.
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Re: Difference between PICIN and PICOUT

Postby Suny » Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:52 am

I respect your knowledge and I had stated that you need to play with the data in your program to get rid of any character not supported by Numeric field. My answer was based on many general assumptions which the programmer would have naturally thought of. Anyway, lets not get into pointing out anyone. I have gone thru the command you have indicated and thanks for that man.
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