How to Read particular I/O map variable in lower case?

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How to Read particular I/O map variable in lower case?

Postby maandi » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:01 pm


I have a cics input/output map, where i supplies all my input data's. In here all the variables are read and processed only in UPPER CASE.
Could any one explain me, how to read the particular field alone in lower case. Since its the mixed case, the user can enter either upper case or lower case. Based on that we should process.

E.G. : If upper case 'J' is inputed through maps, then it should read that as 'J' only
If Lower case 'j' is supplied, then it should read as 'j' only

In the maps that i am refering, it converts both 'J' and 'j' ->>>>>> 'J'

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Re: How to Read particular I/O map variable in lower case?

Postby Robert Sample » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:13 pm

From the CICS Application Programming Reference manual:

RECEIVE MAP maps input data from a terminal into a data area in an application program.

Data from certain logical units is not mapped, but is left unaltered. Refer to the appropriate CICS subsystem guide to see if this is true for a particular logical unit.

Following a RECEIVE MAP command, the inbound cursor position is placed in EIBCPOSN, and the terminal attention identifier (AID) placed in EIBAID.

See Appendix K, "BMS macros" in topic K.0 for map definitions.

If data is to be received, you must specify either the INTO or the SET option. If a RECEIVE is issued purely to detect an attention identifier (AID), you can omit both the INTO and the SET options.


specifies that lowercase characters in the 3270 input data stream are not translated to uppercase; this allows the current task to receive a message containing both uppercase and lowercase data.

This option has no effect on the first RECEIVE command of a transaction, or if the screen contains data prior to a transaction being initiated. For example, if a transaction is initiated by another transaction, and begins by receiving data originally output by that transaction, it cannot suppress uppercase translation on the data. This data is read and translated in preparation for the next task and the first RECEIVE command in that task retrieves the translated data.

Note: If you are using a katakana terminal, you might see some messages containing mixed English and katakana characters. That is because katakana terminals cannot display mixed-case output. Uppercase characters in the data stream appear as uppercase English characters, but lowercase characters appear as katakana characters. If this happens, ask your system programmer to specify MSGCASE=UPPER in the system initialization parameters so that messages contain uppercase characters only.
However, note that you may have to talk to your CICS support about ensuring the lower case characters can be processed as lower case.
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Re: How to Read particular I/O map variable in lower case?

Postby mongan » Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:30 pm

Please do a search on the topic. We have discussed this before. There are several factors involved, the transaction definition, the terminal definition, the profile of the transaction. Either a total mask is mixed case or upper case, this is not a field issue. To make a difference on a field basis you will have to handle that in your program.
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