Show filed whit too much lenght on BMS.

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Show filed whit too much lenght on BMS.

Postby Mehdi shri » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:56 pm

Dear friends
How I can show a filed whit more than 79 byte lenght in BMS. Is ther any way to show it in more than one line. I wont to split it and send to another line. I want to send it to one line then BMS or CICS split it and locate rest of 80 characters (or bytes of) field to next lines.
Special thanks.
Mehdi shri
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Re: Show filed whit too much lenght on BMS.

Postby Robert Sample » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:34 am

Define your map with multiple lines -- however many are needed. Move the first 79 bytes of the record to the first line, the second 79 to the next line, and so forth. This can be done with reference modification in COBOL or by using appropriate variable defintiions in your CICS program. Basically, CICS or BMS will not do any line splitting for you -- the assumption is that you, the programmer, are smart enough to handle those types of tasks yourself.
Robert Sample
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Re: Show filed whit too much lenght on BMS.

Postby enrico-sorichetti » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:09 am

I beg to differ :)
the 3270 architecture does not care where a field starts and where it ends
if <things> are properly defined and understood a field can be of ant length and the 3270 hardware will happily continue showing the data
over the line(s) that follow(s)

since I do not have cics running now I tested with an ispf panel and I was able to enter ( I got bored afterwards ) up to more than 200 chars
and the REXX displaying the panel showed the correct length

for cics is the same thing ( just tested , just the map assembly) and the following map assembles correctly
 000010 TEST    DFHMSD TYPE=MAP,MODE=INOUT,LANG=COBOL,                         X
 000011                STORAGE=AUTO,TIOAPFX=YES                                 
 000012 *       MENU MAP.                                                       
 000013 TEST01  DFHMDI SIZE=(24,80),CTRL=(PRINT,FREEKB)                         
 000014 LONG01  DFHMDF POS=(1,1),ATTRB=(UNPROT,NORM,IC),LENGTH=240             
 000016 NORM01  DFHMDF POS=(5,1),ATTRB=(UNPROT,NORM),LENGTH=80                 
 000018 LAST01  DFHMDF POS=(23,1),ATTRB=(UNPROT,NORM),LENGTH=80                 
 000019 SKIP03  DFHMDF POS=(24,2),ATTRB=(ASKIP,NORM),LENGTH=1,INITIAL=' '       
 000020         DFHMSD TYPE=FINAL                                               
 000021         END                                                             
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