What is the Hty means?

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What is the Hty means?

Postby Mehdi shri » Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:13 pm

Dear friends.
when I send a transaction to CICS my session stays on XSYSTEM.And when I do "CEMT I TASK TRANS(TR*)" the CICS shows:
I TASK TRAN(ST*)                                             
STATUS:  RESULTS - OVERTYPE TO MODIFY                         
 Tas(0010859) Tra(RT01) Fac(U083) Sus Ter Pri( 255 )         
    Sta(TP) Use(CICSUSER) Uow(CA6190E367B16FC3) Hty(TSAUX   )

What is the meaning of the Sta,Uow and Hty(TSAUX )?
I must use the FP (force purge) command to cancel the tranaction and finaly I give the ABEND ATSC in that session.
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Re: What is the Hty means?

Postby Robert Sample » Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:55 pm

Google is your friend. I Googled "cics cemt i task" and one of the first few hits referenced htype. I Googled "cics htype" and got back a reference to a manual page including this
If the task is suspended, the information that is returned to you includes the resource type and/or the resource name identifying the unavailable resource. CEMT INQ TASK displays the resource type of the unavailable resource in the HTYPE field. The HVALUE field displays the resource name of the unavailable resource. EXEC CICS INQUIRE TASK returns values in the SUSPENDTYPE and SUSPENDVALUE fields which correspond to the resource type and resource name of the unavailable resource.
and the same document includes table 9 which defines TSAUX as being temporary storage queue name.

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