Channels and Containers

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Channels and Containers

Postby cbhargavi » Sat May 04, 2013 4:34 pm

Hi every one,

I need some clarification regarding channels and containers concept.As far as i know it is one of the replacement to overcome the size of 32kb DFHCOMMAREA.

One of my requirement is using TSQ to write the records.But my data records are crossing the max limit of TSQ 32,763 items ,as TSQ becoming full,it is throwing ITEM ERROR every time.

I applied the concept of channels and containers in place of TSQ , as container doesn't have any limitation on size.

But here one problem is in TSQ, the records are not appending into the container,instead the records are overwritten every time.
I need all the records to be in the container.

EX: Am trying to write five records by keeping EXEC statements in loop.When i tried to read the five records in to a able to see only the last fifth record data is over writing every time.

Do we have any possiblity to get all records to be written to a container like TSQ without over writing.

Do we have option like 'append' in exec statements. If so, can you please provide the exact syntax.

Is there any other new concept to overcome the TSQ Item store the data records more than max limit of TSQ.?

Apologizes if there are any mistakes.
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Re: Channels and Containers

Postby Robert Sample » Sat May 04, 2013 5:36 pm

Your understanding of containers is flawed. Instead of thinking of a container as a TSQ, think of a channel as a TSQ. Then you can equate TSQ items with containers. Just as you cannot write multiple values into a single TSQ item, neither can you write multiple values into a container. However, by using different container names within a channel, you can handle the various containers like TSQ items.

Personally, I think you have an extremely flawed design. CICS is supposed to be a transactional system, and if you're putting more than 32000 items into a TSQ, then you are NOT using CICS as a transactional system.
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Re: Channels and Containers

Postby NicC » Sat May 04, 2013 9:18 pm

I can tell another thing - it did not THROW an error. Nothing on th mainframe THROWs an erro. An error is issued, displayed, shown but never thrown. Thrown is a term used in curly-wurly languages on the PC and Unix.
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Re: Channels and Containers

Postby cbhargavi » Sun May 05, 2013 12:29 am

Thanks for the concept of putting multiple containers in the same channel.I got the very clear idea about channels and containers.

Yes it is right each container in a channel is equivalent to an item in TSQ, now I am able to write more 32,763 items .

Also thanks for you quick response.
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