View and update ISPF profile table

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Re: View and update ISPF profile table

Postby Steve Coalbran » Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:37 pm

Have you explored ISPF option 3.16?
This is a table editing feature.
                              ISPF Table Utility                             
Option ===>                                                                   
   blank Display table list                  E Edit table                     
       B Browse table                        I Import table data             
Enter one of the parameters below:                                           
   Table Data Set . . ISPF.ISPPROF                                           
   or Table DD  . . .           (Default is ISPTLIB)                         
   Table Name . . . .           (Blank or pattern for table selection list)   
   Import Data Set                                                           
   Enter "/" to select option                                                 
      Open table in SHARE mode                                               
      Table is an EDIT line command table                                     

See if this gets you nearer your need?
Otherwise, without writing something for you (and I'd have to charge! :D) it's Image time!
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Re: View and update ISPF profile table

Postby mymainframe » Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:55 pm

Steve, I have requirement to view and update profile table using REXX. So, I used VGET and VPUT. But I am getting error while giving. You can check details in other post.
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