Code conversion issue while reading JCL using REXX

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Re: Code conversion issue while reading JCL using REXX

Postby Pedro » Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:03 am

looks like ISPF packed data to me

That would explain why he visually saw it correctly, but rexx 'saw' in the stored format.
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Re: Code conversion issue while reading JCL using REXX

Postby vsgurunath » Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:08 pm

Hello all,

Thank you for sharing your inputs and guidance.

1. I used ' !' for searching the statement indicator at 65th column so that I don't accidentally check some other comment/remark in any statement
2. I honestly didn't know how to do the ISPF VIEW so couldn't validate it earlier. I will find how to do it and use it going forward.

I ran the exec against a fair copy of the JCL and even the same JCL member and the TRACE output shows proper processing of the statement. This is truly a relief in one hand - to not be required to handle this complication programmatically but to ensure proper coding in all JCL members. On the other hand, in case the tool encounters such a JCL member (among 800+), it would not process it properly.

I need to come up with some check and balance to ensure i have processed all JCL elements with such a statement indicator. There are members that do not have the indicator also. So, this is getting interesting.

I will reach out once I make some progress on this. I believe I have received required guidance for my query. Please feel free to mark this conversation as 'solved', if required.

Thanks, again, for your timely guidance always.
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