How to LIST all AUTHID for a TSO ID ?

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Re: How to LIST all AUTHID for a TSO ID ?

Postby Akatsukami » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:01 pm

BTW, kusomushi, there is no "list of authids for a TSO ID" in DB2, as the second result of a Bing search on "list authid" clearly states. Just thought I'd put you out of your misery.
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Re: How to LIST all AUTHID for a TSO ID ?

Postby m4mainframe » Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:06 pm

so just for no solid reason but for false allegations by other members on this forum, the Global Moderator takes an action - BAN a user (m4mainframe) on and that too for a question which was neither posted multiple times at different sites nor has been answered yet.
Suggest you post on this forum rather than the sister site. Your responses will be basically the same and there is no need to post on both forums.

Now, on getting BANned on, I understand that I still can post on this site for getting resolution to my problems but what about loosing my access to posting solution to other users on the other site -
posting and other activities on the sister site, i guess, is never the same - no need to tell you.
so looks like the people here even the Global Moderator doesn't like to go with the truth\facts but with the flow the general public tend to create.

Unfortunately, your perception is does not reflect the intention/action of the forum. . .

So BANNING my ID on other site for just no reasons make me confused about the real intention\action of the forum\Global Moderators.
If we look into the Rules and regulations of both the sites, I have not violated anything till now and also nothing has been proved so far despite the rumors spread by other users on this forum. Still you just want to go with the other users just boosting their disguised intentions with you sticking to your previous decision.
I don't see any reason why you are not lifting BAN on my ID on the other site.
I am surprised that none of the Global Moderator is coming to my rescue.
Are you really supporting this baseless action taken?
I think they are Global Moderator to handle any issues going wrong.
Do I still need to explain more to any of the Global Moderator that something wrong is being done with me ?
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Re: How to LIST all AUTHID for a TSO ID ?

Postby NicC » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:25 pm

As far as I am aware moderators do not ban - admin do. But I have not looked to see if I can ban and I am only a moderator on this forum.
I have not seen duplicates of your posts but, if there were then maybe they were removed before I got to them. Please not - I am NOT saying that you posted the same query multiple times.
There is no section here for moderators only so there is no private communication between moderators unless by PM - and, as far as I am aware, there has been none.
Also, you seem to have accused me of accussing you of using Hercules. I have not. Dick suggested that if you were using hercules then a Hercules forum would be more appropriate. Your response to this appeared to indicate that you understood exactly the opposite to what Dick said and on that understanding I posted to correct this apparent mis-understanding.
You will note that I have been careful with my phrasing - please be careful in reading. And please re-visit Dick's post and your response.
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