Duplicates between two files

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Re: Duplicates between two files

Postby Brifka » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:34 am

Frank Yaeger wrote:Something doesn't add up here. You say that your input files are VB and your key is 4,4,ZD. But that doesn't match the example you show - a VB file has an RDW in positions 1-4, so your key would be 8,4,ZD.

If you actually used 4,4,ZD, you wouldn't get any matches so how did you get a "cartesian join".

Please verify that your input files are actually VB and your key is 8,4,ZD.

in my real file key is combination of CH and PD .
will it work with join?

JOINKEYS works with binary keys. CH is binary. PD can be treated as binary in many cases.
You'd have to show an example what your PD values actually look like in hex (positive values only? positive and negative values?) before I could answer your question for sure.

Sorry for confusing you.:oops:
I used simple example here, but my real file is VB and have complicated key.
When I did my own trials i used simple file like I posted . then why in example key is (4,4,ZD)
My real PD is positive, so i don't expect any troubles.
Thank you one more time for your help and care attitude
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