New DFSORT/ICETOOL Features (July, 2008)

IBM's flagship sort product DFSORT for sorting, merging, copying, data manipulation and reporting. Includes ICETOOL and ICEGENER

New DFSORT/ICETOOL Features (July, 2008)

Postby Frank Yaeger » Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:11 am

PTF UK90013 for z/OS DFSORT V1R5 (July, 2008) provides important enhancements to DFSORT and DFSORT's ICETOOL for find and replace (FINDREP), group operations (WHEN=GROUP); sorting data between headers and trailers (DATASORT); keeping or removing the first n records, last n records and/or specific relative records (SUBSET); selecting the first n duplicate records (SELECT with FIRST(n) and FIRSTDUP(n)); splicing with non-blank fields (SPLICE with WITHANY); displaying and writing counts (DISPLAY with COUNT, EDCOUNT, BCOUNT and EDBCOUNT, and COUNT with ADD, SUB, WRITE, TEXT, DIGITS, EDCOUNT and WIDTH); reports with multiple and multipart titles (DISPLAY and OCCUR with TITLE, TLEFT and TFIRST); reports without carriage control characters (DISPLAY and OCCUR with NOCC); additional defaults (BLKSIZE for DUMMY, SKIP=0L for SECTIONS, and SORTOUT=ddname for FNAMES); easier migration from other sort products, and more.

For complete details on these new features, see my "User Guide for DFSORT PTF UK90013" paper (sortugpf.pdf) at: ... g3T7000085
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