Appending characters to variable length file

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Appending characters to variable length file

Postby rukkunudeen » Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:39 pm

This is the request from our customer. they are planning to remove fileaid from our mainframe TSO sessions by this month release (july 12th). So they have asked us to analyze all JCLs which are present in the system. If the JCL has a fileaid step convert it to sort/icetool/filemanager. While doing this task one of the JCL had a DD01 COPY PADCHAR=X'00' for a variable length file. We are not able to find the relevant syntax in any other utilities. The fileaid step is the first step in the JCL and the input comes from some other system. Kindly help us..
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Re: Appending characters to variable length file

Postby Akatsukami » Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:36 pm

In your other threads on this topic, you have done an admirable (for certain values of "admirable") job of refusing to answer any question about your shop's sort product. This will end. Run the following job:
//SYSIN   DD   *

Post the entire output from the SYSOUT DD here, enclosed in Code tags.

Refusal or inability to do this will indicate to me, at least, that you are unwilling or unable to support your customer's needs.
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