Removing blank address lines from report

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Re: Removing blank address lines from report

Postby BillyBoyo » Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:51 pm

needhelp wrote:Thank you for the suggestions, I am fairly new to easytrieve and not sure how to change my COBOL thinking to easytrieve thinking. There is a bit more involved in the report but that was the basic problem I was having, the extra lines look bad. I will give these a try.


You can do a lot with Easytrieve, but, as you already know, you have to get around the "how I would do it in Cobol" thing.

Sit back with the manual somewhere. Look at a couple of things at a time. Get a bit of practice in "around the edges" of your work. Look back through this forum, see the sort of problems others have had and some of the solutions.

My main suggestion is, if Easytrieve can't do the report like the spec, try to get the spec changed to what Easytrieve can do. Easytrieve can be powerful and quick to develop, but if you have to stick to a highly specific report, you'll spend more time getting that right that doing the rest of the program, and you may even get to a dead-end.

You get stuck, feel free to start a new topic with the problem.
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