Announcing PCRE for z/OS 8.33 V2

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Announcing PCRE for z/OS 8.33 V2

Postby zatlas1 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:06 am

PCRE for z/OS 8.33 V2 is nnow available on my website

New in this version:
Full support for the Posix compatibility module
GETMAIN and FREEMAIN as front ends for malloc and free
pcregrep version that recognizes PDS and PDSE as such and treat them as directories and full support for HFS and ZFS

With all the limitations of PCREGREP, I could still say SRCHFOR is dead, long live PCREGREP.


To those who do not know, PCRE is a library that provides Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. This port allows all LE languages (COBOL, PL/I) to use regular expressions Perl style. This is a powerful and useful functionality.

The original library and the port are both Open Source and are published under the BSD license.
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