Will VS-COBOL II programs run under z/OS 2.2

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Will VS-COBOL II programs run under z/OS 2.2

Postby albraddock » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:32 pm

I recently began working with a customer that is very behind in supported releases and I am in the middle of upgrading multiple products. They are currently running VS-COBOL II programs with DB2 V9. They are in the process of upgrading to DB2 V10, which will be closely followed by upgrades to DB2 V11 and then V12. Part of the V9-V10 upgrade requires recompiling and rebinding most of their programs. For the re-compiles, they are using Enterprise COBOL and this has been completed on 2 of 3 LPARs. However, simultaneously, there is a project to upgrade z/OS from 1.13 to version 2.2 and DB2 programs on the final LPAR will not be recompiled with Enterprise COBOL prior to the z/OS upgrade.

My question:
Does anyone know if programs compiled under VS-COBOL II will run under z/OS 2.2?
Thank you.
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Re: Will VS-COBOL II programs run under z/OS 2.2

Postby Robert Sample » Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:53 pm

They probably will run -- but that is not guaranteed. VS COBOL II programs did not use Language Environment so depending upon how the existing programs were compiled and linked, they may require re-linking with LE. Start by reviewing the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS version 4.2.0 Compiler and Runtime Migration Guide as later versions of the Enterprise COBOL manuals refer to this manual for VS COBOL II. And if you have any non-COBOL programs in the application, all bets are off since that can REALLY complicate matters. I don't think the version of z/OS is all that important for this topic; what matters is that the runtime environment is completely different between VS COBOL II and LE for Enterprise COBOL.
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