Cobol Code Migration to USS

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Cobol Code Migration to USS

Postby UnixNoob » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:10 pm

We are trying to migrate Programs (Not Files) from Mainframe to USS, then ultimately to Github.

We have a Program that is having an issue during the migration. These program(s) contains hex character(s) and is being reformatted during the transfer from Mainframe PDS to Unix. is there a command i can insert so that Unix will not reformat the values during transfer from MF to PDS?

Program contains EBCDIC characters x'15' (newline) and x'0D' (carriage return) which introduces spaces x'40' to the file as it is transported from z/OS to USS. These padded x'40's pushes the rest of characters into the next line.

1. I am using the below command to transfer from Mainframe to Unix. This command is triggerred inside the Mainframe by a Batch Agent.
cp -U -S a=.CPY  -T -O c=IBM-1047  "//'Insert PDS Here'" /data/Github

2. The code snippet that is having an issue has a hex value below, Hex values start on 00 - 0F
hex code

actual code
   05 FILLER                         PIC  X(16)  VALUE
                                    '                '.

3. When program is transferred to USS, reformatted as below
Actual viewable code, notice that the closing single quote has moved to the next line
      01 AC-IN-ARRAY.
          05 FILLER                         PIC  X(16)  VALUE

Code in Hex View, next line hex value '0E' is moved to the next line upon transfer to USS
         05 FILLER                         PIC  X(16)  VALUE
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Re: Cobol Code Migration to USS

Postby NicC » Tue Sep 15, 2020 5:37 pm

You can avoid your hex being translated by transferring as binary but then your ebcdic does not get translated. Transferring as Text allows the ebcdic to be translated to ascii but your hex values will also be translated. Neither of these is what you want so do as suggested elsewhere - change your program code to use VALUE X'blah blah'.
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