IBM's hierarchical database management system with a Database Manager (IMS DB) and a Transaction Manager(IMS DC)


Postby ckalyana » Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:51 pm

Dear All,

I support one of the IMS DB/DC business application and I have knowledge on IMS-DB but not in IMS-DC.

Issue Background: In recent days our business users are facing an issue in the IMS DC screens and are getting the error message 'DFS2171I NO RESPONSE CONVERSATION TERMINATED' while doing business operations in DC screens and later the session gets hang till he/she logoff the session.

Could some one please help me out to find the root cause based on the below points.

1) We haven't done any code changes since many years
2) Users are able to succeed in next attempt with the same data being used in first failed attempt (it proves that it shouldn't be a data issue or logic issue)
3) Different transactions(including application login transaction) are failing with the same issue
4) Users are based on different locations are facing the same issue (initially thought it could be network issue but it shouldn't be)

I have gone thru the IBM manuals and per the manuals the issue generally gets when ISRT call fails to insert SPA details into IO-PCB (specific to conversational programs)

Unfortunately, we are not able to recreate the same issue in the test environment(as it fails occasionally) and even we are not able to see any error messages in the production IMS log files.

But here my question is why it happens in some cases, ideally it should be failed every time when there is an issue.

So, could some one please let me know the possible causes and that would help us to find the root cause.

Please let me know if more details are required on this issue to provide your inputs.

Many thanks in advance.
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Postby NicC » Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:53 pm

Is it only your business application that has this problem or is it happening to other business applictions? What does your IMS System support say? Have they made any changes recently?
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Postby ckalyana » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:59 pm

Hi Nic,

Thanks for your quick reply

In current LPAR, we are facing this issue for only one business application and rest all working fine.
When we contact the IMS system support they said its an application issue and they won't able to help in this regard.
Business or IT support team didn't change any code since years.

But, few months back one of IMS DB was crashed while doing the online reorg due to space constraints and that has resulted in the pointer errors. The DB was restored in a couple of days time. We thought it might have caused an issue but there were few past incidents where business user faced the same issue.

Do you think the DB crash would have been spike the number of failures?
We have gone thru the all the system logs(i.e IMS logs,DB2 Logs, SYSLOG) and we didn't see any erroneous message regarding this failure. Is there any other logs where we or IMS support team can refer to find the error messages related to this failure?
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