IBM's hierarchical database management system with a Database Manager (IMS DB) and a Transaction Manager(IMS DC)


Postby munnu » Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:52 pm

Anyone please answer my following questions

1) the difference b/w PSB in DB and PSB in DC ?
2) the difference b/w PCB in DB and PCB in DC ?
3)What is a CBLTDLI call?
4)What is a DLITCBL call?
5)Why do we define PCBs in the Linkage section?
6)Who sets the addressability for PCBs?
7)Why do we need ENTRY call?
8)How doe we handle the cursor positioning through MFS?
9)What is the language in which MFS is coded?
10)Why do we need to compile MFS?
11)What is the output of the compilation of MFS?
12)What happens during the Link Edit step of the IMS DC COBOL executable preparation
13)Can IMS DC program access VSAM file?
14)Can IMS DC program access PS file or PDS member or GDG files?
15)What will you do if your IMS transaction goes into a infinite loop?

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Re: IMS DC vs DB

Postby dick scherrer » Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:38 am


You need to do the research - we will help if there are questions.

Start here: ... 0909163217
and here: ... 0908084816

These are the Table of Contents for the Language Reference and Programming Guide.

If you find something that is not clear in the manuals, post what you found and your question about it. Please post each of these follow-on questions as a separate topic.
Hope this helps,
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