Doubt on Get Next call

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Doubt on Get Next call

Postby vz3013 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:58 am

Hi Friends,
I have a doubt on GN call...

I have a PCB with 3 SENSEG's ... Segment A,B and C.
Here B and C are siblings under A.

I have code a prgm lik this ..

Call PLITDLI using(Count,
I/O Area,
Unqualified SSA for Segment B)

Let's say Segment B has 3 occurences(Segment B1,B2,B3)
What will happen if I execute this call 4th time? Where the control will be pointed?

Can any one please clarify me this..

Thanks in Advance...
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Re: Doubt on Get Next call

Postby NicC » Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:22 am

deleted by me - would have to check the manual but the TS can do that hisself.
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Re: Doubt on Get Next call

Postby Ed Goodman » Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:09 pm

If I read it right, there is no qualification that would keep the program under the same "A" segment. So IMS will try to do what you told it: go get the next "B" segment. If it has to go to another "A" to get it, that's what it will do.

If you want to stay under that same "A", you have a few options.
) Add an SSA with the "A" key
) Use the GNP call instead of the GN call
) Use the U or V command codes (be careful with this)
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