How to prevent ABEND 0852?

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Re: How to prevent ABEND 0852?

Postby enrico-sorichetti » Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:16 pm

see here ... rames=true

but note also ...
Using IMS Database Repair Facility, you can change the bad pointers and data to the values you think they should have.
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Re: How to prevent ABEND 0852?

Postby pmartyn » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:47 am

It appears that you do not want to talk to the DBA (who probably has the image copy you need). So there are two 'back door' methods. Use At Own Peril.

The first is to obtain the address of the bad pointer as Ed mentioned, Using file-aid IMS go to that address and modify the bad pointer with a good one (pointer for the next parent for example). Note: I have done this and it although it worked, it was 'hard' and difficult to explain to my boss.

The next is a lot easier.
0) Using a DLT0 (or something like it) with a unqualified SSA, sweep the database writing the records out to a OSAM dataset (flat file). Note: be sure the DISP is mod,catlg,catlg. This will leave you with a partial image copy of the database.

0) Let the program abend with the 0852.

0) Make a backup copy of the 'bad' database (or just rename it to something else)

0) Create a new data structure (I am assuming OSAM)

0) Review your partial image copy created. Make sure that the parent/child relationships are intact.

0) Load that partial image copy into the new data structure

That should leave you with a database that is usuable for testing purposes. Please make a image copy this time. This is as simple as using a COPY
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