DB2 Interview Questions -2

DB2 Interview Questions -2

Postby Ravi Teja » Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:08 pm

If i am incorrect,please correct me

(1) Which of the following is not a program preparation step?

a) Process SQL Statement
b) Bind Application
c) Compile and link edit the application
d) Table Check Constarint

(2) It scans a table or index space to gather information


(3) What is the option used in TSO to go to the DCL Generator screen?

a) 8.1
b) 8.4
c) 8.3
d) None of the above

(4) Given the statement:
CREATE TABLE t1 (c1 CHAR(3) CONSTRAINT c1 CHECK (c1 IN (‘A01’, ‘B01’, ‘C01’,) ) )
DB2 verifies that the table check constraint is met during which of the following actions?

[b]a) Updating any row in the table

b) Adding an insert trigger to the table
c) Reorganizing the table
d) Creating a unique index for the table

(5) What is sqlcode -922 ?

a) Time out error
b) Authorization failure
c) Timestamp mismatch
d) None of the above

(6) The expression DATE('6/30/1977')-1 MONTH yields the result '5/31/1977'

a) Invalid expression
b) True
c) False
d) None of the above

(7) What is the restriction on using UNION in embedded SQL?

a) It has to be in a CURSOR
b) Syntax error
c) Null retrieved
d) None of the Above

(8) SQLCODE -305 describes

a) does not have Privileged to perform operation on object object -name
b) Author id does not have privilege
c) Null Indicator variable not assigned
d) Column name wrongly referred

(9) What is the clause used along with the SELECT statement to get those items that fall within a range?

a) AND
b) OR
c) Between
d) None of the above

(10) Are views updateable ?

a) Yes, VIEW can be updateable
b) NO , Cannot
c) Some view can be updateable
d) VIEW is only readable

(11) SQLCODE -510 describes

a) Cursor identified in fetch or close statement is not open.
b) Table designated by the cursor of Update and Delete cannot be modified
c) Not a valid range of dates
d) Cursor identified in fetch or close statement is not open

(12) SQLCODE -311 describes

a) Undefined column name
b) Indicated length of host variable is negative
c) Duplicate object
d) unauthorized access

If i am incorrect,please correct me
Thank You
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