Read syslog from only my jobs

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Read syslog from only my jobs

Postby Jackson93 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:28 pm


i need to read all the data from the Syslog about my Jobs and write these into a member.
Preferably i would start the job and it would record automaticly for around 20 minutes, but i do not know if that is possible.
By reading other Posts online i came up with this:

000002 //         MSGCLASS=M,NOTIFY=&SYSUID  
000003 //*                                              
000004 //SDSF EXEC PGM=IKJEFT01                        
000006 //         DISP=(SHR,CATLG,DELETE),              
000007 //         SPACE=(TRK,(10,5),RLSE),              
000008 //         DCB=(RECFM=FBA,LRECL=133)            
000009 //SYSTSPRT DD SYSOUT=*                          
000010 //ISFOUT DD SYSOUT=*               ),            
000011 //LOGOUT DD DSN==&SYSUID.ALOGGER(LOG),            
000012 //       DISP=(SHR,CATLG,DELETE),                
000013 //       SPACE=(TRK,(10,5),RLSE),                
000014 //       DCB=(RECFM=FBA,LRECL=133)              
000015 //SYSTSIN DD *                                  
000016   SDSF                                          
000017 //ISFIN DD *                                    
000018 LOG                                              
000019 FIL +SYSN SYSB                                  
000020 PRINT FILE LOGOUT                                
000021 PRINT 09:00:00 09:00:01                          
000022 PRINT CLOSE                                      
000023 //*                                              

But i get far too much Information, i get the syslog from all maschines we have, instead of only sysb.
I also don't know how i can get the informations from only my job/s.

Thanks & Regards
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Re: Read syslog from only my jobs

Postby NicC » Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:43 pm

I have never run SDSF in batch so this is only a guess: set the OWNER and PREFIX values in your job as you would in inter-active mode.I do not have the SDSF user manuals and I do not intend to download them so I will not look this up.
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Re: Read syslog from only my jobs

Postby steve-myers » Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:42 am

"SYSLOG only from my jobs" seem to imply, to me, anyway, that you want to read the JES2 job log for your jobs, because that's exactly what the JES2 job log is, a representation of the operator messages sent by your job. The JES2 job log is in the data set with JES2 DD name JESMSGLG.
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Re: Read syslog from only my jobs

Postby willy jensen » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:10 pm

Like steve-myers I will assume that what you really is looking for is information about your jobs like start time, stop time and return code. That being the case, I will strongly recommend that you look at the REXX SDSF API. Start SDSF and look at the ST display, setting OWNER to your userid - if that shows all the info you need, then the same information is available through the API. The API is described in the SDSF User's Guide.
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