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Re: JCL Internal Error

Postby willy jensen » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:02 pm

I have gone into 3.4 but not letting me delete it.

What error message do you get? Since the dataset has your userid as 1st qualifier, I will hazard a guess that it is deleted but not uncataloged. To uncatalog a dataset in ISPF 3.4 you use the U line command. Before you do that please try the I line command, which will tell you if the dataset is there or not. If it exist then do not attempt uncatalog (obviously).
I am curious, how can you run a mainframe site without any mainframe folks around ?
how would i set up the JCL and save it so it runs each time i submit a job

I'm not quite sure what you mean. Jobs are normally stored in a partitioned dataset member. Why would you include this particular JCL in every job you submit? JCL can be stored as a procedure in a system proclib or a private proclib, but to do that you will need some help. The 'z/OS MVS JCL Reference' manual contains the neccessary information, but it is not an easy read.
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Re: JCL Internal Error

Postby enrico-sorichetti » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:21 pm

must stress i am only a beginner, and there is no one left work that knows how to fix this error because they are retired and mainframe is no longer supported over here.

remember we reply on our own time and free of charge

a Forum is a place to ask for quick and dirty answers,
and the assumption is that people asking would be backed by a proper organisation or a training centre, to provide the relevant follow on

in this case You are asking us to support You when YOUR ORGANISATION does NOT !
If Your organisation disregarded all the basic due diligence in decommissioning the mainframe support to save money ,
please tell us why should we spend our( generic for valued resources ) :mrgreen:
When I tell somebody to RTFM or STFW I usually have the page open in another tab/window of my browser,
so that I am sure that the information requested can be reached with a very small effort
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