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Postby Naagju » Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:15 pm

What does Catalog mean? What does Uncatalog mean?

As i know catlog means 'file(data set) has been accomplished on auxilary storage with volume no'.
uncatlog means 'data set dnt contain volume number but it is on auxilary storage..

am i Correct??

As i know GDG datasets conatain generation number Gnnnnvnnn ..we can locate particular GDG by seeing generation...

But how can we know a ordinary dataset number on auxilary storage..??

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Postby Robert Sample » Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:53 pm

The catalog is a special data set in z/OS that contains information about other data sets. Specifically, the data set name and volume serial(s) the data set resides on are part of the catalog. A cataloged data set can be referenced by name only -- the catalog provides the location information. If a data set is not cataloged, you must provide the name and volume serial -- and sometimes the unit -- to be able to access the data set.

What are you calling "auxiliary storage"? This is an IT term with a very specific meaning, and I suspect you are not using it to mean the same thing. In IT (or computer science) terminology, auxiliary storage is disk, tape, CD, or other storage not part of main memory. The whole point of a cataloged data set is you do not have to know if the data set is on tape, disk, or whatever to be able to access it.
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