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Re: simple JCl program

Postby Robert Sample » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:01 pm

dn2012, I cannot decide WHAT your problem is:
1. Professionals who respond on this forum are paid for their work product. If you scan this forum for a month, you will see -- literally -- thousdands of dollars woorth of free examples and code posted that the professionals provide for no charge. Expecting them to share their knowledge implies you are willing to pay them for their time and experitse -- which is why they are professionalls. Their freely given examples are different as that is THEIR choice, not yours.

2. You obviously cannot read since the links to documentation were provided in enrico's email and yet you want "links of documentation" to be sent.

3. Writing a simple JCL job stream and explaining it is not hard -- but deciding what that job stream is to do can be difficult. If your site does not have DB2, for example, what good does someone providing you a DB2 job stream do? Very little, obviously. There is no such thing as a generic JCL job stream -- every last one of them is designed to accomplish a task; if you don't understand the task then you're not going to understand the JCL.

4. If you have not read the manuals -- and people asking for a job stream and its explanation obviously have not -- then you cannot understand why JCL is coded a certain way. SPACE=(CYL,1000,100),RLSE) as opposed to SPACE=(6144,(50,5000,300)) would give a person problems if they have not read what the SPACE parameter is designed to do. And we've have people post on this forum asking how much space to give a tape -- so we know the manuals are not being read and understood as they should be. Furthermore, there's a good bit of JCL that is specific to a site -- such as JOB accounting data -- that cannot, literally, be copied from site to site as what works for one site will not work for the next.

5. This forum answers questions that may not be resolved in the manual, or answers specific situations that arise about mainframes and their software. The experienced people responding generally provide answers that have been tested on a mainframe and are known to work -- the inexperienced people will proivde answers that may (but may not) even work on their mainframe but may not be applicable to any other mainframe in existence.

6. If you are told the answer you are seeking is in a manual, then you need to go read that manual. You will learn more by doing so than by just being given a canned answer without understanding the rationale behind the answer that the manual can provide. Every experienced person here has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours reading manuals to achieve their depth of knowledge. You cannot become an expert without spending the time to learn from the manuals just as they have done.
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Re: simple JCl program

Postby NicC » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:56 pm

dn2012 wrote:But writing one simple JCL program a

Sorry, dn2012, but what did you not understand about my comment that JCL is NOT a PROGRAMMING language? As this is so you cannot write a program - simple or otherwise - using JCL.
The problem I have is that people can explain things quickly but I can only comprehend slowly.
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Re: simple JCl program

Postby Anuj Dhawan » Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:14 pm

dn2012 - They say, well begin is half done and in these Forums, the only communication is what an OP posts when s/he starts the thread. Having said that, read this again:
plz update a fresh JCl simle program.
with all detail ie why and wich keyword used
What the first sentence is "asking"? It's like, you are at Electronic-Gadgets shop and you say I want to purchase a multimedia but which one you just didn't mention it - do you think, your shopping experience is going to be a satisfied one!

JCL, first, it's not a Programming Language - so you don't write program with this. Second, what's the next sentence asking? Which details, again - you need to define which multimedia you'd like purchase, tell that, there are so many details any media you choose!
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