SYSOUT data explanation

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SYSOUT data explanation

Postby The Mean Farmer » Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:55 am

Can anyone explain the AMX200I and/or IGD105I lines of SYSOUT showing a dynamically allocated workspace of DASD?

AMX200I SYS12278.T144949.RA000.CAD1330T.R0678134 X==16 L=====0 B=====0 A=52500 U=====0 P==7500 S==3000 Z==3000 V=CWRKEU,UCB
IGD105I SYS12278.T144949.RA000.CAD1330T.R0678134 DELETED, DDNAME=SORTWK01

Some of this I understand. But the X, L, B, A, U, P, S, Z, and UCB I don't understand what this is telling me.

Any ideas?
The Mean Farmer
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Re: SYSOUT data explanation

Postby Peter_Mann » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:15 am

The IGD105I (DFSMS) - message is easily found (message manual or Google) and states the obvious disposition of the temporary dataset
the AMX message is not so easy, perhaps some custom SMF exit processing message at end of step, or vendor message
I suspect your systems folks can enlighten you about the AMX message content.
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Re: SYSOUT data explanation

Postby steve-myers » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:28 am

The IGD105I message is a standard IBM message. As used here it is pretty self explanatory, in this case temporary dataset assigned dataset name SYS12278.T144949.RA000.CAD1330T.R0678134 was deleted. 12278 is the "Julian" date the data set name was defined, 144949 was the time of day. RA000 has some meaning known to IBM, CAD1330T is the job name, and R0678134 is just a sequence number. It's large because the initiator has been running for quite some time.

I have no idea as to the source of the AMX200I message. It may be unique to your site. The style of the message suggests it is an installation message constructed by a lazy programmer. I'm just guessing here, but X==16 is the number of extents in the data set, CWRKEU is the volume where the data set was allocated, 52500 is the number of tracks in the dataset. The other values are so nebulous to me I'm not even going to venture a guess, even where I think my guess is pretty solid.
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Re: SYSOUT data explanation

Postby dick scherrer » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:01 am


Does this process use Tivoli? We don't use Tivoli, but i believe Tivoli has AMXxxxxx messages?

Maybe if you post more of the sysout info, it will provide a clue?
Hope this helps,
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