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Re: Syntax errors

Postby Robert Sample » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:19 pm

I am totally new to this
Just so you know, IBM has TEN manuals of system error messages. Some of the individual products have their own error message manuals. There's probably WELL over 100,000 possible error messages that can show up on an IBM mainframe -- NOT counting the application error messages. It doesn't matter how new you are, you have to provide at least some clue to people about where in the welter of error messages you are seeking help because nobody has any interest in helping someone who cannot take at least basic steps on their own.

And this forum, like many others, frowns upon people trying to get their job (or homework) done by others. If you post a job stream (which you did) and ask for the errors (which you did) without posting what you have tried already and the errors you've seen (which you did), expect to get flamed, possibly severely. And such actions drastically lower the chances of you getting any help in the future, too. Those of us who reply on this forum are volunteers -- and why reply to someone who is known to not try anything on their own and expects to be spoon-fed answers? I know your responses so far indicate I, for one, have no interest in providing you further assistance.

Finally, "syntax errors" are easily found by the system -- let the computer do the work, not you (or us).
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