Finding out, if file is not assigned in JCL

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Finding out, if file is not assigned in JCL

Postby olivermf » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:10 pm

Hello together,

I have a problem in my Java Batch utility.
In my code I assign files from the JCL-Job to IRandomAccessRecordFiles.
If I do not assign the file my Java program does not recognize it and simply runs without any exceptions:

IRecordFile file = RecordFile.getInstanceOf("//DD:SYS021");
IRandomAccessRecordFile rfile = RandomAccessRecordFile.getInstanceOf(file,

In JCL I tested running the program with or without the SYS021-DD-Statement and both won't produce any errors...

//SYS021  DD DSN=USER1.TEST800,DISP=SHR Ausgabedatei

//*SYS021  DD DSN=USER1.TEST800,DISP=SHR Ausgabedatei

The method exists() of IRecordFile does not help me, because it is always true...

If I read files I can simply ask if the first read-command is -1 and then throw an Exception, but what can I do with a new, empty outfile?


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