Retrieve Subsystem Name executing under

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Retrieve Subsystem Name executing under

Postby drowelf » Wed Feb 02, 2022 3:44 am

I've got a bit of conundrum here.

I'm working on a task that executes under IMS and needs to know the subsystem name. There can be multiple IMS Regions running on the LPAR, therefore I can not hard code. I need to be able to query its name. I looked at the IEFSSI services, but does not seem to do what I want. Is there a service I can call to get the name of the subsystem I'm executing under or can I dig it out of some control block?

The reason I need this, is because outside of IMS I'm going to create a dataspace that is shared at the system level between multiple address spaces for some common data. In order to get the ALET to the other address spaces I am going to use Name/Token Services to publish the data. As such I want to retrieve the name of the subsystem and use that as part of the Name to provide uniqueness in a single LPAR.

I can pass the name to the Started Task that is going to create/own the common dataspace, but I need the other address spaces to be able to retrieve its subsystem name and dynamically build the Name to be used to retrieve the Name/Token with the ALET.
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