Duplicate dataset in RACF

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Postby steve-myers » Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:43 am

I get the sense - though I could be wrong - is a discrete RACF profile is being created every time a new data set is created.

There are many reasons why discrete profiles are inappropriate.
  • A discrete profile controls access to the data set. The default access, whatever it may be, may not be appropriate.
  • A discrete profile sticks around if the data set is deleted.
  • Getting rid of a discrete profile after the data set is deleted requires a special parameter on the DELDSD command - a parameter that is not always specified.
Now if I were in Sorena's place - and Sorena may not be able to do these tasks, but it won't hurt to try - I would perform these tasks.
  • Check if discrete profiles are being created. To do this, use the LISTDSD DATASET(data set name) AUTHUSER command for an existing data set. If this results in NO RACF DESCRIPTION FOUND FOR data set name, try LISTDSD DATASET(data set name) GENERIC AUTHUSER. If the first command produces a lot of RACF gibberish, discrete profiles are being created. GENERIC can be abbreviated as GE, and AUTHUSER can be abbreviated as AU.
  • From here on, Sorena must discuss the matter with her support to change the defaults.
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Re: Duplicate dataset in RACF

Postby sorena DJahani » Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:43 pm

Thank you all for the help
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