Welcome to IBM Mainframe Forum.com - No more Warnings & Ban!

Welcome to IBM Mainframe Forum.com - No more Warnings & Ban!

Postby admin » Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:05 pm

Welcome to our new Help and Support Forums for Mainframe Students, Freshers, Beginners, Programmers etc etc...

This is the first(!) and only(?) forum designed to make a communication among mainframe students and beginners. You can ask any basic 101 questions, even any stupid questions here (yes, we have a special forum for that). And remember, we also installed the Ban systems like others! But we don't warn or ban you. (Am I a stupid?)

No, You can't expect a quick reply (in 8 hours) here, but we guarantee that we will not delete (or move to OffTopics) your questions! Come and watch your questions daily, If its answered, Say thanks!!! If you can't wait, Post in other forums till getting a Ban and the come back here. (Yes, we will wait for you!)

So read our 'NEW(?)' Forum rules (no, we didn't copy pasted!), be patient and help others if you can.

Enough! Now register here and book an account for you (don't worry, No need to wait for an admin approval)...
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